The Italian Institute of Culture in Tirana, cultural section of the Italian Embassy, aims to promote and spread the Italian language and culture in Albania by organizing cultural events to encourage the circulation of ideas, arts and sciences.

The calendar 2017 we designed for the Italian Institute of Culture is dedicated to Borghi (villages) of Italy, which represents a significant part of the artistic and natural heritage of the so called Beautiful Country. Places with a delicate and fragile beauty that have been sorely tested by the recent, devastating earthquake that hit central Italy, they represent the lifeblood from which it has always benefit the Italian culture.

From January to December a journey through the seasons in 12 of the thousands of villages that dot the Italian Regions. Each month a village, designed with two different techniques. A part of the landscape is transformed in a photo-realistic way, the other part is made by drawing lines and colours that cross, cut, surround the landscape, creating a collage that gives back the essence of that place.


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