The Italian Institute of Culture in Tirana, cultural section of the Italian Embassy, aims to promote and spread the Italian language and culture in Albania by organizing cultural events to encourage the circulation of ideas, arts and sciences.

2016 will be the year of design and will see the new starts of the International Exhibition of Milan Triennale, on the theme "21st Century design after design."

We designed for the Italian Institute of Culture a calendar dedicated perhaps the more poetic aspect of design, the illustration, using signs and colours to describe with a minimal language the months of the year. From January to December a trip in seasons highlighted by a unique visual and minimal element. The drawings are related to the month trough the chromatic scale chosen to represent it, ranging from cool colours of winter to the warm colours of summer and again to the cold ones for the end of the year.

The calendar starts with the snow crystal with flowers in January, a bare tree surrounded by fog and reflected in water in February, the constellation visible in the March sky, the rainbow alternating rain and sun in April, the butterfly announcing the flower season in May, June, the month of cherries, the dog days of July, the fresh watermelon in August, the forest with autumn colours in September, the pumpkin in October, the rain clouds in November, ending with the December's holiday season.


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